A Flight Of Dreams

Life as a child is full of hopes and dreams. It’s that time of one’s life where you know what you want to be when you grow up, but don’t  have to worry about how to get there. This shot comes from a local fair, one of the rides  that make you  “fly”. It reminds me of how we have fun flying up and down in a make-believe plane, and still are raring to go for another round!

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  1. Touch2Touch says:

    Lovely to see you back, Kamakshi!
    And flying high!!!!!


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks Judith 🙂 the new job leaves me physically jaded and emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained. and trying to clear out all the clutter and leave out all the negativity out makes me all the more exhausted. Its a fight and I’m try so hard not to give up and give in, but God knows I am scared now!


  2. Touch2Touch says:

    Two things to remind you, then:
    First, you only have to come back up one more time than you go down! one day at a time, and
    Second, you need to take care of yourself, do something really nice and compassionate for yourself every day. It can be simple, like an ice cream in a favorite flavor, or 15 minutes out to read a book or listen to a favorite song or silence, or whatever simple thing nourishes you. People need food to survive, and spiritual food counts!!!!
    You are in my thoughts.


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks Judith …. That last line made me feel not so alone 🙂


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