A Flight Of Dreams

Life as a child is full of hopes and dreams. It’s that time of one’s life where you know what you want to be when you grow up, but don’t  have to worry about how to get there. This shot comes from a local fair, one of the rides  that make you  “fly”. It reminds…

The Ghost Rider

This fair really amazed me, considering that it was on a very small-scale, the rides were made quite attractive. This was purely a ride for kids and the bikes created for this round-robin ride was really pretty to look at. Well, times are surely changing, and even the kids know what’s in vogue these days!

Froggy Funfair!

I got this shot at a local mall, which has a mini fun-fair of sorts for kids. While the entrance is interesting, what caught my fancy is the frog painted in the background. It’s a bungee jumping thing for little ones. Very cute and nicely done.