Veer Shivaji!

As India gears up for yet another independence day, the air is thick with patriotism. One warrior who demands unwavering respect especially in Maharashtra is Shivaji Raje Bhosle. Fighting the Mughal forces as the leader of the Maratha clan, the young Kshatriya  warrior lived a short life that spanned to 50 years but like that of a fierce warrior. It was under his leadership that the Maratha Empire was freed from the Mughal rulers and Bijapur saw the Hindavi Swarajya meaning self-ruled by Hindu people. Raigad was the Maratha capital and the leader earned the title of Chhatrapati (ruler) of the Maratha Kingdom in 1674 the Sovereign. He is also credited as the modern warfare of guerrilla tactics. Mural’s celebrating the life and giving of the warrior king can be seen throughout Mumbai city as well, this one just outside Juhu Beach.

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