Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple is situated at Ratanwadi village and is famous for its carvings. Ratanwadi serves as a base for treks to the Ratangad Fort and the Kalsubai Peak which is the highest mountain peak in Maharashtra. The temple has been created using black stone and lime and dates back to the Hemadpant Era, back in the 8th Century.

Local folklore about the temple dates back to time of Sagar Manthan (or churning of the ocean) by the gods to obtain hidden treasures that would help them defeat the daemons. As the sea was churned, a lot of poison spilled out, which Lord Shiva collected and held it in his throat, turning him blue, earning him the name Neelkant or Neelesh. He then set out for a barren land where he could spit it out without killing any living beings. But on spitting the poison turned into Amrut (antedote), and a temple was built on the very same spot dedicated to Lord Shiva, named Amruteshwar.

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  1. Nainsi says:

    I have been Amruteshwar Temple , Ratanwadi. Its a very beautiful Shiva temple. I have found 1 very nice video (Weblink) on this temple at . You can also watch it.


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