No stay at Bandardhara can be complete without an eco-friendly paddle-pushed boat ride across the Arthur Lake. And nothing can be the perfect end to a beautiful holiday than a ride across the lake with a view of the sunset and the Kalsubai Peak in the backdrop. The lake is known to hold fresh water fishes do…

Arthur Lake

The Arthur Lake offers the most spectacular views of Bandardhara, and it gets water from the Pravara River. From the other end of the MTDC resort, the lake appears like the map of India! It is one sight you do not want to miss.

Randha Waterfalls

Randha Falls is said to be the third largest waterfall in India. Originating from the River Pravara, the water falls to a depth of 170 feet into a beautiful gorge. The gorge is also house to huge bee hives, and the tribals usually make a living collecting honey and wax for the honey combs.

Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple is situated at Ratanwadi village and is famous for its carvings. Ratanwadi serves as a base for treks to the Ratangad Fort and the Kalsubai Peak which is the highest mountain peak in Maharashtra. The temple has been created using black stone and lime and dates back to the Hemadpant Era, back in…