Soak Up The Sun!

I finally learnt about how the F/Stop works on my camera! Taken on a partly cloudy sky, you can see the sun peep out of a thin veil of cloud. And the rays look  absolutely glorious! Don’t you think?

Passing Through the Ghats

On a rain kissed day, we decided to ride up to Malshej Ghats near Mumbai city. The destination offers some great views, but the ride through all those tunnels is just fun! Reminds me of times when I was a kid and I used to love the end of light at the tunnel. Fun days!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

The setting sun, is a sad goodbye to times well spent, journeys throughly enjoyed and a live well lived. As a photographer, it’s probably nature’s perfect pose for the camera, but in my mind’s eye, it’s a time for reminiscence. For whatever its worth, good or bad, the faces of life and love teach us a new lesson every…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Like I mentioned before, I don’t appreciate the act of quarrying. I got this shot on a weekend getaway to a local hill station called Malshej Ghat. It is the perfect time of the year to visit the place, but considering the foggy mist and the rain kissed skies, you do find a lot of waterfalls,…