Puppy Love

Pugs have become a rage in the country, because a popular telecom operator has used the little dog quite extensively in their advertising campaign. I don’t find them cute at all, in fact the basset hound, Droopy is a lot cuter I say!

Trust Comes Easy

This cute little creature was sunbathing at the beach, and yes he was alone (not uncommon in India). We became friends in a matter of seconds really. He wasn’t too comfortable posing, but yes I did manage a few good shots. And I am quite happy with the results. Who says trust doesn’t come easy?

Meet Rocky!

By now, it is quite a well established fact that I love both toys and animals. So when I got a gift that offers the best of both worlds, I was ecstatic. Rocky is a cute little stuffed toy that looks as real as it gets He brings out he Calvin in me, if you know what I mean.Although…

Loyal Till The End!

On your stroll through the Charles Bridge, at Prague, Czech Republic, you would find tourists patting a pretty dog cast in gold.  This is at the foot of the oldest statue on the bridge, that of St. John of Nepomuk. History says that the Saint was thrown off the bridge in 1393 where he drowned and his loyal…

Meet Anna

Anna is the first Weimaraner that I have come across. (Yes I am as shocked as you are that I remembered the breed!) She was quite huge, but surprisingly she wasnt scary. She seemed like a friendly dog who was getting bored that she had to sit on her walk. She did seem extremely restless…

My Beautiful New Friend, Bunty

Meet Bunty, a new little guy I befriended close to my office. The camera-shy dog is very soothing to the eye, to say the least. He is a homeless stray dog, but we all take turn feeding him, the people in the area take good care of him. When I came back beaming from my…

A Lesuirely Nap Or A Deep Slumber?

A yawn is the most natural, and purest expression on any face. Its the the sign of a productive and hard day’s efforts earned and a rest that was well deserved. I don’t really know whether she enjoyed her day, but I am sure she slept well, and had fun in her doggy dreams!

Stretch Your Spine!

Yoga says that a stretched spine refreshes you thoroughly. And let this beautiful lass show you how in style!

Look Before You Leap…

As kids, the world is a new space to explore. But pain is just as real and with a few bitter experiences, you tend to become cautious. Same goes with animals, they are no different from us now, are they?  

Stepping Towards Success

I found these two adorable little pups loitering near my building. Although I don’t know their breed, they were extremely  loving and adorable. Unfortunately, despite timely care  they did not survive for long…