Wish You a Very Merry Christmas!

The last holiday of the year has finally arrived!I can’t believe (how relieved I am) that the year is over. As we count the year down, and celebrate to our heart’s content, let me take the opportunity to wish you, your family and all your loved ones a very colorful festive season!

300 Posts: Time to Go Crazy!

I can’t believe I managed to come this far! As a writer, and a person looking out to keep a hobby alive, I am amazed that I managed to actually take 300 photos that were different, and I could put my point of view across. And growing up as a person, a writer, a blogger, and…

Rang Heena Likhna

Mehandi, or Heena as it is called forms an integral part of all auspicious ceremonies. One look at the pattern, and you can figure out what is the occasion and which Indian region the lady belongs to; South Indian patters are more geometric in designs, while that in western India spots human figures. The patterns up north seems to have a more…

May Freedom Be Bestowed

As India steps into its 64th year of independence, there are several issues that stare us in the face, some created by our own, some imported from outside, but mostly all politically centered. However, on this day we enjoy the freedom that came after a struggle of 150 years that the nation spent as a Brit Colony with…

200 Posts: We’ve Made It Together!

There is something about milestones that fill us with glee. Be it on the road or in life, it serves as a gentle reminder that we are on the right path and will reach where we set out for. It is also a good time to celebrate, and I believe with all my heart the celebration is the purest form of human emotions.