Pop Goes the Weasel

I have a strange affection to merry-go-rounds and carousel and giant wheels. To me, they signify a circle of life: what goes around comes around. This is a recurring theme in many of the books I adore (all fiction of course). Let me share a few that come to my mind seeing these crafts that I…

Take a Chance

If you want to see the world don’t be the fulcrum pin of the ferris wheel. Rather be a nail on one of the benches in one of the cars.” ~Vineet Raj Kapoor

Pop Goes The Weasel

I have loved merry-go-rounds right from my early childhood. It was the right kind of ‘calculated risk’, you get a ‘safe’ adventure ride, you get to ride a horse without the fear of falling off, and it’s a lot of fun. What is the title hinting at, you wonder? Well, it’s the second line of…

The Excitement!

Do you remember the last time you were at a fun fair? The fun foods the adventure rides? They didn’t seem rickety then, just a happy one-minute adventure. I miss those carefree days of life!

From The Horse’s Mouth

Have you read the 1962 novel by Ray Bradbury called Something Wicked This Way Comes? Well, the carousel didn’t seem so magical after that now, did it? May be that’s why this one seems done and dusted, waiting for another Jim and Will to start the story all over again!