Down Her Memory Lane

This memory lane is that of my mother. As 90s kids, we seem to make the most noise when it comes to nostalgia. From floppy drives, video and audio cassettes to game cartridges, we seem to have the best time of our lives. But is all that true?

What we do have is a very recent memory and very poor adaptability to change. Most people my age are parents and I see very few indulging thier kids in activities, let alone encouraging them. Reminiscing the good old days, where we’d roll in the mud and get dirty as we play is all great. Bruises and scrapes are ways in which we learn to use our instincts better. But one tiny injury and all hell breaks loose. Kids are reprimanded for being careless, and when they settle in front of the screen there’re called lazy and addicted. They are far from being independent or self reliant, unlike how our parents trained us to be.

Balance is the key to all things. It’s great to reminisce and indulge in your times. It’s even better when you embrace the era before you. But what is most essential is to transition into the now. It is what we made it to be and it’s time to accept the changes we so desired to make into reality!

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