Quarantine Party

The quarantine phase has been quite rough on almost all of us. It did save many lives from the deadly virus, but also brought out a lot of subdued toxicity. There is only so much time one can spend with certain set of people, some bridges have too much water underneath and are abandoned, lest there is an uncontrollable flood of words or emotions.

We are not taught to talk our issues out. We’d rather tag people and call them names instead, because constructive conversations are not a part of our culture. We are not taught to restructure our questions, but our raw inquisitiveness is often labeled as being a rebel or being disrespectful. This simmers over the years and we are subliminally taught to skirt around issues. In households where the “brashness” is accepted by all family members, old and young, with a pinch of salt, do better, but are called “too liberal”.

While I appreciate and encourage conversations on psychological well-being (please, let’s not be-little it by calling mental health, to me it sound very negative), it is not something that talking can solve. Understand, while you come from a good place, the reality of people who have picked up the pieces is very different. They can tell you about it, but the fixation on the “problem” is so large, that without that carrot of a free drink or some perks to siphon a situation off, we are happy listening to only the side of the story that suites our intellectual narrative. When a person is on the brink of a drastic situation, it’s often too late to “talk”, it’s more time to physically be present.

To people who are looking for an outlet, know that if someone is willing to give you an ear to listen, you being a sensitive soul need to be a different kind of selfish. Know they may be going through something themselves, and return the compassion; if you care in return, the caring and listening ear returns too.

Like all else, this too shall pass. Just that the passing means different things to different people. Know that you can not get anything harder than you are equipped to deal with. Like there are no small joys and big happy moments, there are no small disappointments and nothing larger to worry about. The manifestation of all things is similar: the universe doesn’t change it’s rules based on what we believe is positive or negative. What hurts you is real for you. Deal with it first by accepting that it hurts; conscious acceptance is half the battle won. You can then, with a clear sense of reasoning, deal with how to get over or avoid such hurt.

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