When the Tables Turned

Like I’ve told you before, I am drawn to zoos. But looking through my photographs, I realized that most animals at the Bangalore zoo seem bored and depressed. With its cozy weather and mostly depressing surroundings (OK, I actually found people I adored there so not a blanket statement that applies to all, but yes most people there can be extremely difficult to live with), such feeling are understandable. Wasn’t I happy to leave all this behind myself? Till this day, which includes two of the three months since I returned, I have no regrets of leaving. After all, I am at the place I truly belong to. Not that I am out of my house at all waking hours, the fact that everything is so stifling is daunting. I would love to buy craft supplies, groceries and vegetables as and when I need them, but I am terrified of being out too long and too close to people as well. But what annoys me most is people who think they know best, and a government machinery that flip-flops and dilly dallies. If history (read demonetization) has taught us anything, popularity hardly matters. If a order is passed it has to be obeyed. But at least state it clearly and stick to your guns! Sitting on the fence suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, because you can’t fathom which side the forces are at!

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