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I used to work for a local daily for a very brief span of my professional career as a sub-editor. Now most people don’t know the difference between a copy-ed and and sub-ed, and I will not take up this space to explain that. There are too many things happening around the world, which whether relevant or not, creating storms. As I choose to be a constructive doer, I will not discuss those in this space as well.

I fell in love with this interesting scene in Kathmandu, Nepal. It reminds me of an interesting anecdote from my newspaper days. Our then editor made a passionate speech about being neutral in our reporting and suggested that the reporters in the team look at the Oscar Pistorius case being reported by BBC, which was quite a rage at the time. Now a lot of my readers may disagree about the quality of news that BBC reports, but at the time, they managed to maintain good level of the neutrality and technicalities of high-class journalistic reporting to boot. That got me thinking.

India has never witnessed dispassionate journalism. Any literature you read takes sides. You are always on one side of a very diverse moral compass. Then I got to go around the world (OK, six countries counts, right?). And every newspaper tried to bring a sentiment to the fore. It tries so hard to make you pick sides, that it seems almost unreal and unhealthy.

So, let us take a step back here. Sound off in the comments about one news that made you happy (not vindicated, but happy). It can be a caustic comic strip even, share a link, would be happy to start 2020 on a rather positive and happy note. Peace out!

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