Imploring From The Windowsill

If you live in a city as bustling as Mumbai, it’s a miracle if you live in a house with windows that open and not slide. Space is a major constraint in the financial capital of India, so luxuries like balconies, ledges and sill outside your window are a rarity. Romeos implore their Juliet on the rooftop terraces or the phone or in the streets. At Christmas time, we’d hear these stories of Santa coming to town and crawling from the chimney (which apartments will surely not have). We’ve only heard that Christmas is white and frosty. But where I come from, it’s a minor miracle if we need a sweater in December even! A local pastry shop would have a malnourished Santa would stand and greet hoards of kids (standing in a queue and making a ruckus) and present them with candy and a balloon. This year, I wanted snow in my miniature world (in my world, the snow ain’t melting anytime soon). My Santa is a tad too big for the set up, but what the heck, he at least showed by! Watch this space for more Christmas posts!

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