The Price of Freedom

Freedom. What a beautiful word! Immunity from duties or obligations. But that’s far away from reality. Without obligations or limitations, unbridled freedom can cause rampage. In this sense, boundaries are needed. Boundaries also help one understand and appreciate the level of control they enjoy on the life they lead. Freedom is never free in the truest of sense. Here’s something for further reading.

We went to this turtle farm in Sri Lanka, where the locals are trained to collect and harvest eggs during the hatching season. they also rescue injured adult turtles, mostly hurt by getting entangled in human waste such as plastic. Those, sadly get too conditioned and domesticated to be released into the sea. But the little ones cannot contain themselves from exploring the big bad sea. They want to experience the adventures that await and more importantly to grow up really fast. Where do we come in? Well, for LKR500, we buy this freedom for them. The price, no matter how small, still exists. Let’s hope they learn and grow!

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