Ganpati Bappa Moriya!

Ghalin lotangan vandin charan || 
Dolyani pahin rup tujhe || 
Preme alingan anande pujin || 
Bhave ovaleen mhane nama || 1 || 

I will bow and lie at your Feet
To see your true form with my own eyes
I will embrace hug you with all the love I have and worship you with pure joy
To worship you with all my devotion and will submit myself to you!

Twamev mata cha Pita twamev || 
Twamev bandhusch sakha twamev || 
Twamev Vidhya dravinam twamev || 
Twamev sarwam mam dev dev || 2 || 

You are my mother, You are my father;
You are my sibling and my companion;
You are knowledge and wealth
You are everything, You are my Almighty

Kayena vacha manasendriyenva || 
Buddhayatmna va prakrutiswabhavat || 
Karomi yadhyat sakalam parasmai || 
Narayanayeti samarpayami || 3 || 

I will put in all my efforts through my body, and mind
And with my intellect, senses, and behavior,
Whatever activities I do at any stage
I offer my all to you, Lord Narayana!!

Achyutam keshavam ramnarayanam || 
krushanadamodaram vasudevam bhaje || 
Shridharam Madhavam gopikavallabham || 
Janaki nayakam ramchandra bhaje || 4 || 

1.1: I Salute You O Acyuta (the Infallible One), I Salute You O Keshava (Who nominates and Controls everyone, Who has beautiful Hair and Who killed the demon Keshi), I Salute You O Rama the Incarnation of Narayana (Who is without any blemish),
1.2: I Salute You O Krishna (Who attracts others by His Divine Attributes and Beauty) Who is known as Damodara (Who was tied by Mother Yashoda around the waist) , I Salute You O Vasudeva (Son of Vasudeva), I Salute You O Hari (Who takes away the Sins, Who Receives the Offerings of the Yajna),
1.3: I Salute You O Sridhara (Who Bears Sri on His Chest), I Salute You O Madhava (Consort of Mahalakshmi), I Salute You Who was the Most Beloved of the Gopikas (the Cowherd Girls of Vrindavana) and
1.4: I Salute You O Ramachandra the Lord of Janaki.


Hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare || 
Hare krishna hare krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare ||

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