The Hung Tales

If there is something that puts me off more than an unintelligent and/ or vague conversation, it has to be books series. In the past two years, I’ve probably not read a lot new things outside my genres of comfort, mainly because I lost touch with the wonderful book club in Pune, which made me want to read so that I could indulge in meaningful conversations of worlds I’d never explore on my own. The fun gang there made me want to look at aisles in bookstores I’d ignore thinking ‘not my cup of tea’, something I’ve never been a part of since. So left without reference points, I have fallen for the two-book (sometimes seven-books!) series, only to read the follow up book and be disappointed.

I have been a major fan of Jeffry Archer, mainly after I found a tattered version of ‘Quiver full of arrows’, my first book of short stories that I (mostly) fell in love with (it even has a cricket story which wasn’t very great though). Then there was Not a penny more, not a penny less… what a masterpiece of a novel for his first full length book. But Paths of Glory continues to be my favorite Jeff Archer work to date. So it was but natural to be excited for ‘Only time will tell’. What I didn’t know was it was book one of a seven-freakin’-book series, and Archer hadn’t finish book two either! I should’ve take a clue from the title of his previous book (And Thereby Hangs A Tale).

Of late, my shelf is full of discounted books on the Kindle store. If you know my reading habits (or follow my Goodreads feed), you’d know that I need to read at least two to three breezy books to get over a heavy (emotionally or intellectually) one. But if I end up reading sequels (at times I end up reading in any order that I get the books in.. 2-1-3 once), then how do I sustain the habit of reading? What do you think? How did you over come this issue? I know you would tell me to read all the description, but trust me after a long day at work, nine bucks for a book is all the motivation I need to pick up my next read!

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