I am not a big fan of bling jewellery, unless I am photographing them on someone else. I do like rings, bracelets and earrings, but the delicate kinds and the metal doesn’t matter. If I weren’t lazy, you’d find me wearing different danglers from my enviable collection, which are all fake, of course. Then I landed in Sri Lanka. Known for its precious and semi precious stones, it’s quite a paradise for bling lovers. In the photograph, are semi precious “balloon” cut stones. I fell in love with the amethysts there, but alas, my pocket was being stingy. I still managed to buy a couple of the semi-precious stone and a pair of green garnet earrings; I came out joyous and poorer. But talking to the really patient boys beyond the counter, I realized the art of cutting stones. Not only is it hard for commoners to spot these rocks in the wild, none of us would probably buy these babies if we see them in their original form. The skill and finesse it takes to spot, cut and polish them is what we pay for. Looks like I am more fascinated with the process than the outcome!

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  1. Rhicha Waghmare says:

    Boy were we spoiled for choice!!! Stingy or not d pockets were definitely much lighter, but the happiness was worth every moment!!

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    1. Kamakshi says:

      absolutely.. the guys were nice enough to save me from buying things I may regret later 🙂


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