Little Less Conversation

This picture reminds me of a coming of age kind of story. By now, you would’ve realized that I am a person of words, and a content writer by profession. I tell stories of a different kind at work; they are my words, but not my thoughts. This takes me back to a time of life, when I owned my words and my stories. My work carried my name, but I was a novice in the field. There are times I look back at my work with disdain and sometimes, it drives me to epiphany. I was naive nonetheless, still am, I guess. I would want to have a healthy debate with anyone who would have a point of view, opposed or otherwise.

The idea was to understand how and why someone can or cannot think like me. If the argument seems logical, I am more than willing to change my point of view. But if not, it seems natural for me to educate. However, in my own little complicated mind, this is sound logic that doesn’t warrant violently scathing outbursts. Alas, the world outside my head believes otherwise, and did manage to ruffle many a feathers. Nevertheless, I still carry on!

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