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There is so much influence of television, and now web series in our lives. When we were growing up, our sibling rivalry grew up a few notches in the all important “board” years (10th and 12th grade), and then the subsequent university exams. The cable connection would get cut off (we didn’t have cable till we were in the 7th anyway), but my brother and I (mostly him) would find a way to reconnect the plug and fool ma until we got busted (mostly by my blackmailing/tattletale ways). Although I have let go of my younger-child vices, sadly, my brother is till trying (in vain) to surrender the remote controller without a whine. But I digress.

I am part of a very small set of people (around me at least) who hasn’t seen a single episode of GoT. I come from the land of TV where the concept of ‘seasons’ is unknown for shows. TV shows go on for donkey years, and the absurdity of plot just makes you stop watching after a few years. So when the web series wave started, what it brought along was a wave of anxiety. What happens next? Will I have a valid Amazon Prime, Hotstar or Netflix account active? How do i manage my additional subscription expenses? The suspense is killing. You see when Friends, Seinfeld, That 70s Show etc aired in India, the shows were long gone, and the world was not as connected as now. We barely registered the season details, let alone realizing that we are watching reruns! So, I made a pact with myself: let the final season air then we can try binge watch… no more waiting for Monday mornings and keeping three international clocks on your smartphones and laptops!

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  1. Pushkaraj Wakankar says:

    Nice and simple!


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks pushkar 😊


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