Water Cooler Talks

So, I welcomed the new year (2019) with a book that I have been finishing to read for months now. The year that went by was by far one of the best I’ve had in ages; no it wasn’t the kindest, but it left me more equipped to be in control of myself. A year can not leave you without lows, heartbreaks, friends, food and drink, travel, pictures and more importantly lessons.

While work happens at a brisk (or at times slacking) pace, what makes life fun is conversations that make you share and think. In our day and age, having conflicting point of views translates to being insensitive. There are limits to pushing your thoughts down someone’s throat, but having a healthy open-minded discussion helps you grow. Sometimes you learn something new about the world, or the people around you. In 2019, trying to be braver, stronger, wiser, and faster!

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