Rass Leela


Rass Leela a dance which is attributed to Krishna, Radha and the other Gopis. It is further believed that Kathak evolved from the ‘Rass Leela of Braj and Manipuri Classical Dance’ and is often considered as the “Dance of Divine Love”.

The story goes like this. One night, the Gopis in Vrindavan, hear Krishna’s flute and sneak into the forest to dance with Krishna through the night, which lasted for one Night of Brahma, which is approximately 4.32 billion years. The Rass Leela Krishna’s most esoteric pastime, and it is believed that you can still hear the Rass Leela being played when you visit Vrindavana, Mathura. However, legend says that if you try to catch a sneak of the celestial dance, you might not survive to see the light of day; you will die in sheer bliss!


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