Draupadi’s Dilemma

There is no shortage of dilemmas in the Mahābhārata. A very poignant question, always, remains of Yudhisthira choices. Did Yudhiṣṭhira have the right to stake Draupadī after he lost himself?

As the story goes, a menstruating Draupadī was dragged into the sabhā by her hair, weeping, bleeding, clad in a single garment. She berates the elders of the Kuru lineage. She was lost by her husband Yudhiṣṭhira, the dharmaraj in a game of dice. Although the noblest of the Pandavas, his greatest vice was that of gambling. She was married to Arjun but was considered a wife to all five brothers.

This scene from the great Indian way of life was one of the many I witnessed at a shop selling Dassera dolls. Stay tuned for more golu set up on my page, as Navratri celebrations are just round the corner.

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