600 Posts: Throwback Time


Pune wasn’t on the list of my favorite cities, until I had to move away (You can read more about my experience of my life in the IT Hub of Maharashtra here). They say god always saves the best for the very last, and that’s what I realized about my long stay in Pune. This picture of the changing landscape of Balewadi, Pune aptly describes my love-hate relationship with the city. I moved in to the city, possibly at the lowest point of life. Every part of life was new, and needed to be built ground up. Some of it came out sparkling new, others needed a little more soul searching. As I moved on, the landscape had changed… I had made some very dear friends, others withered away with time. But sine people and moments I continue to cherish, and hold close to my heart. What are your memories of bidding adieu to a place in transit?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Place

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