Tug and Pull


All five classic elements of nature— Air, water, fire, earth and space—are essential to make us the beings that we are. Our body is 70% made up of water; the air passing through our voice box and ear drums convert into sound. The fire in our belly makes us hungry. Our body is biodegradable (we turn to dust after the body dies) and space or æther takes us on our spiritual journey. These elements also provide fodder for the adventurous streak in us. From deifying gravity (zorbing, bungee jumping), flying high (paragliding, skydiving, hot air ballooning), to walking on fire and water sports (kayaking, rafting, banana/speed boat riding, para sailing) the need for speed pushes us to our limits. But once the adrenaline slows down, we shouldn’t feel sad that the rush is over, but we grateful for the high and that we made out of the thrill alive.

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