Wavering Minds


I am a through water baby, and the Malpe beach in Karnataka certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s possibly the cleanest beach with the roughest of waters. But the rough seas and seashell-laden beach with golden sands reminded me of how my own mind functions. As I went deeper into the sea, the waters got rougher; not calmer. As I came to the shore, the waves crashed on the beach, disturbing sands and shells. The sea also throws out all the garbage people throw in. As I dwell deeper, I realize that I am a lot less calmer than I wished; there is too much turmoil that I don’t recognize or identify with. But when rattled, I do tend to displace a lot of seashells, and make a lot of sandy mess. However, after the sun sets, it soon shall rise. I too will, in good time.

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