Home Made

There is nothing more delicious in the world than when your mother whips up everything that you crave for. This was a long time ago, when Ma was prepping for avial. Avial is a South Indian delicacy which has elephant yam, white and red pumpkins, carrots, drum sticks, curry leaves, and broad beans, etc. (you can add whatever you like, but these are my favorites). The veggies are boiled in water and the gravy is made from a paste of green chillies, coconut, spices and fresh curd. The other picture is a prep for grated carrot salad. I am not a lover of sweets, so instead  of the halwa, I prefer fresh grated carrots with a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, chillies and refined black gram. How I wish I could have some right this minute!

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  1. arv! says:

    Nothing beats home made food as you mentioned.

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