Just Mooning Around

Last night was special, a lunar eclipses with a blood moon, a “blue moon” and a super-moon. Not only will it be the second full moon of January, it is also closer to the Earth than usual (but this is not very obviously noticeable, I blame Bruce Almighty for such unwanted expectations). The first picture (top left) is that of the moon on January 30, 2018. The red-hazy sphere is the Super Blue Blood Moon, and the one on the bottom left is as the eclipse ends. The last picture (top right) is of the shining moon that appears brighter, post the eclipse.

While only one face of the moon is visible to us, contrary to popular belief, the Earth’s moon does rotate. Learn more here.

Poets across the world describe the great beauty of the moon, let me leave you with some interesting ones to ponder over.

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