In Wilderness


It is easy to be controlled, restrained and cultured; after all that how all of us were taught to live. Just the other day, I was talking to a friend about how as kids being wild and free came with conditions (read not being caught by parents). But there is a different kind of thrill in those stolen moments of being an absolute idiot. There is this lovely line in a beautiful Malayalam song:

Poovayaal Manam Venam
Poomanaayaal Gunam Venam
Pomaanini Makalayaaal Adakkam Venam
Meaning Flowers need fragrance and a man needs to be as gentle as a flower. A girl as pretty as a flower needs discipline.

But being free-spirited (read wild) doesn’t mean lack of discipline. It just means that we have a different logic and principles of doing things. Being yourself has boundaries that don’t need to be offensive, but that doesn’t mean you need restrains as perceived by others. There is a fine line between being open-minded and being a jerk; in the end it’s all about being unapologetically happy without crossing the boundaries others set for themselves.

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