Travel Woes…


A motorized variant of the cycle rickshaw is a popular fixture in many Southeast Asian countries. It’s called auto rickshaw in India, rickshaw in Pakistan, Bajay or Bajaj in Jakarta,  three-wheeler or tuktuk in Sri Lanka, samosa, tempo, tuk-tuk in Thailand, trishaw, autorick, bajaji in Madagascar and Tanzania, keke Napep or Maruwa in Nigeria, rick, tricycle in the Philippines, mototaxi, baby taxi, lapa or tukxi in Piaggio Ape Calessino. My relationship with these three-wheeled monstrosities has been filled with love and hate. Back home, they’d just not ride a fare without you feeling humbled to a worthless nothing. Here in Pune, they fleece you like no one’s business. It’s like you earn all your income for them. While it is a lifeline for many, I can’t thank uber enough to relieve me of my minor misfortune!

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