My Hero…

034We’re too intelligent, at times a little too much for our own good. No wonder we live with our heads in the cloud. But god knows how to make sure your head is firmly on your shoulders… with a conscience that speaks to you at the right time. Despite that, if you fall hard on your behind, the concrete ground doesn’t cushion our blows. But that conscience, which warned you in the first place does it, without saying I told you so. For me, that is my Big B. Protection isn’t just safety from just the monsters outside, but also to help you control the demons and vices from within. What would I have done without you by my side? Celebrating the bond I share with first best friend, my tag team partner, my blackmail victim, my father figure and the strongest man in my life, my brother. So what if you aren’t close by, we both know that distances can never be a handicap.

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