Lessons That 2013 Brought With It

072Like all springs, summers, autumns, monsoons, and winters are never the same, the cycle of life is just as amazing. Every season that changes brings with it hope, joys, despair, melancholy, and eventually reminiscence, introspection, and retrospection. After all, there is no point of sleepwalking through an eventful existence without learning something new, and putting the lessons you learnt in the past to good use. A few years back, I managed to pen down 50 realisations of 2010 brought with it, a practice I shouldn’t have abandoned. So, picking up where I left off, here are more lessons that 2013 brought with it.

  1. You can never have enough friends.
  2. God takes care of everybody. Whenever you need anything, all you need is to do is ask and keep an open mind, the world is then yours.
  3. When you can’t make up your mind, the world conspires to make a decision for you.
  4. It’s not about what you do, but the whens, whys and hows matter more.
  5. It’s good not to mince your words, but what you say, to whom, and how matters. Communication isn’t just words, but tone, modulation, situations and everything else in between.
  6. For every 10 bimbos you encounter, there’ll be one person who will complete your thoughts and read between the lines.
  7. Good things happen to people who are nice without any reason.
  8. Be good, stay calm, and never wrong anyone on purpose.
  9. Karma is the nicest bitch you’ll ever meet. She sets you free, keeps you grounded, liberates you of guilt, teaches you what you need to learn, and stays loyal to you come what may.
  10. There is a world of difference between being opinionated and being judgmental. No one is free of prejudice, what sets you apart is whether you force your choices on others or keep it to yourself.
  11. It is perfectly normal for two people to have difference, and a third to be the close to them both. But when you are such a triangle, make sure you are emotionally adept to be attached and detached all at once, to keep it healthy.
  12. Everybody you know needs you and uses you. That is why they hold on to you, and you are no different to them either. Sometimes you don’t mind, at times you do. Your first victory is when you are aware. Your second comes when you can put up with it, your last one when you can’t, and you choose consciously not to.
  13. Forgiveness different from letting go. It means even though you are still hurt, you understand why you had to go through it, and aren’t bitter about it. Hold on to the learning, let the bitterness go away.
  14. Everything that starts has to end. Whether it’s happy or sad is up to you to decide. If you choose happiness, you’ll always end with gratitude for a time well spent, and happy memories that you’ll be grateful for.
  15. Even the people you don’t like seem interesting from the viewfinder of a camera. When you achieve that, you can show off your pictures to the world.
  16. It’s not about who leaves, it’s about what they leave behind. Life has to take its normal course, and picking up the pieces isn’t the easiest thing in the world.
  17. Joys are never where you look for, and neither is despair. But yet these manage to find you without fail.
  18. You are as good as the person who leads you; so choose to follow the best.
  19. Never regret anything that you’ve been through. Thank all the pain in your life for making you realise how strong you can be.
  20. Always be honest to yourself. No one can ever know you as well as you know yourself. Don’t live a lie.
  21. “Everybody is somebody else’s weirdo”~ Scott Adams.
  22. To be cynical and successful all at once, you have to be Scott Adams. Otherwise, just develop a thick skin (and/or a skull like Homer Simpson).
  23. When an abuse isn’t directed at you, but via you, don’t take it personally, don’t correct anyone. Save your energy for better things in life.
  24. You don’t need to answer every question directed at you. Silence is a perfectly acceptable response.
  25. Board games turn the worse enemies into the best of friends.
  26. When you end any relationship, always take either of the two learnings: Know what you want from the next, or know what to avoid.
  27. Sometimes, a random act of kindness is all that you need. Just when you think no one cares, someone always does, and it doesn’t matter why, or how. So when anyone does, don’t snap, be nice and courteous.
  28. Secrets are the ones that don’t get out of the recesses of your mind. Once it’s out, it’s not yours to keep anyway. So share wisely.
  29. Tattoos don’t hurt. But only when you do it the right way, with the right artist and with a solidly positive intention.
  30. Humility has nothing to do with celebrating successes. You can be proud of what you achieve, and be nice all at once. That’s what earns you respect.
  31. Its takes just one cup of coffee to forge a lasting bond. Sometimes a lifetime of knowing someone doesn’t create a bond that a few laughs over something trivial and silly can.
  32. Singing along when you know the words and the tune to a song is liberating.
  33. There are facts, and there are truths. Both are different in the way they are presented. Both need to be accepted at face value, but to deal with them with positivity or negativity is a choice you have to make.
  34. The world is full of negativity. Learn to like yourself, everything else can take care of itself.
  35. Do what you have to, and do it without expectations. In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Wishing you a blessed New Year 2014!

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