Strangers in the Night

We met six years ago, and we were destined to be one. Our relationship turns a year older, wiser and more charming today. And nothing explains better that the song that follows! I wish you love in your life as well!

Strangers in the Night By Frank Sinatra
Strangers in the night, exchanging glances
Wondering in the night; what were the chances?
We’d be sharing love before the night was through
Something in your eyes was so inviting
Something in your smile was so exciting
Something in my heart told me I must have you

Strangers in the night, two lonely people
We were strangers in the night
Up to the moment when we said our first hello, little did we know
Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away
And ever since that night, we’ve been together
Lovers at first sight, in love forever
It turned out so right for strangers in the night…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Touch2Touch says:

    A beautiful thought, a beautiful song —
    A beautiful couple.
    Happy New Year, and wishes for six more years of happiness, and six more, and six more still —– And on —-


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks granny Judith! Hope u had a fun year end and a happy new year to you and yours:-)


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