Lavender Skies, Towering High!

This stunning structure stands just behind my office building, and we were at a mezzanine terrace looking up at the towering structure. I have never witnessed a lavender sky ever before, so I was absolutely thrilled with the shot. What do you think?

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  1. Touch2Touch says:

    Stunning shot, yes —
    But that is one weird color!
    Was there anything special or different happening with the weather that day???


    1. Kamakshi says:

      October rains Judith, and it was twilight really, there was a function in office and i was struggling to get the perspective right…thanks for stopping by my friend 🙂


  2. ceceliafutch says:

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that either. Beautiful in a weird sort of way.


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks Cecelia, it does look spooky, but it wasnt really!


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