Insanity Redefined

Whenever there is a major festival celebrated among masses, you will find enough support from political parties. Being the second largest democracy in the world basically means that we have enough political parties to pick and choose from, and none of them emerge as clear favorites. But hordes of crowds means free publicity and a lot of mileage. These were a part of the Ganesh Visarjan celebrations early last month, the Flag belongs to Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). But this picture reminded me of Jamiroquai’s 1997 song Virtual Insanity.

... And I’m thinking what a mess we’re in
Hard to know where to begin
If I could slip the sickly ties that earthly man has made
And now every mother, can choose the color of her child
That’s not nature’s way
Well that’s what they said yesterday
There’s nothing left to do but pray
I think it’s time I found a new religion
Waoh – it’s so insane, to synthesize another strain
There’s something in these
Futures that we have to be told.

Futures made of virtual insanity – now
Always seem to, be govern’d by this love we have
For useless, twisting, our new technology
Oh, now there is no sound – for we all live underground

Now there is no sound
If we all live underground
And now it’s virtual insanity
Forget your virtual reality
Oh, there’s nothing so bad.
I know yeah…

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  1. frizztext says:

    glowing colors …


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