Keeping Evil Thoughts Away

Totems  are generally placed outside houses to ward of evil spirits or thoughts. In India, there are various kinds of totems you would find, based on different cultural, regional and religious beliefs. This particular totem is famous in the Kolhapur state of Maharashtra. Legend has it that if some one steals your shoes, you are free of your sadness and miseries. When my mom went for a Darshan (seek blessings) at Goddess Lakshmi’s temple at Kolhapur, she got me one to hang it outside the door. When you do pick up one, you will realise it is meant only for the left foot. I am still trying to figure out its significance, do enlighten me if you know!

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  1. I need one of those myself. I wish I had one Totem for each bad people I met along the way, could have saved me from the painful experiences. But no regrets now, it made me stronger and smarter. Thank you for the visit. That was a very nice and heartwarming comment. If you don’t mind I will add you on my links. I have a very good friend once who’s parents came from India, we worked together in the E.R., her name is Suhki. She was generous , gentle, smart and honest. She reminded me of you. My wife adored her ways as well. Looking forward to be read more of your posts.


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks for subscribing, I’m so humbled that you liked what I have to share. As for totems, the point I was actually trying to make (and I guess I’m in the mood of expressing gratitude through my blog 😀 ) wasn’t about the power to wade off evil, but the fact that for 10 bad people you meet, there is one such a beautiful soul that not only loves you enough to end your miseries, but cares enough to protect you too. Its a nice feeling that you are important to any one…

      I have one small request, can I have your name please? I love interacting with all my blog friends, and it make it more lifelike if you can address someone by name instead of a blog handle 🙂

      Hope to see you around a lot, my regards to your wife and your friend as well. Have a nice week ahead 🙂


  2. Did you know that another word for evil, sinister, comes from the Latin word Sinistra, that means left-handed. And that in the Middle Ages when people wrote with their left hand they were thought to be possessed by the devil! Left handed people were therefore thought to be evil!


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Wow…i did know that being left-handed was often looked upon as evil (which is why my granny and mom converted me to a righty when i was a kid!) but i didn’t know of the Latin and medieval connection. Thanks for sharing that Wobbly neutron!!


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