Snapshots of A Wholesome Existence…

Obituaries are most often than never the most deeply felt and the best piece of literature written about you. Too bad you’re not around to know, how people who loved you feel about you. May be that’s why they say, appreciate with your eyes and your heart, without spite or malice, that too in good time.

Most people you meet, you might not like everyone, but have qualities that you have come to admire.

The day you hold people in high esteem for the strength that they carry with them, is the day you find empathy inside you. It makes you stronger to avoid judging anyone for their actions. Think about it, there the people you know who can be caring, loving, open-minded, sympathetic, liberal, opportunists, politically inclined, abused, abusive, infidels, with colored perspectives, neutral, or just plain human.

When you take your association with any of these people one notch higher, i.e. when they are no longer your friends, colleagues or acquaintances, you become comfortable bringing your thoughts closer.  There is no reason for all of your relationships to have a tag. You know you’ve grown closer to people, when you share your perspectives with them or find yourself at ease to share your point of view without the fear of offending them.

And once they feel free to open their minds to you, you realize that you can see qualities in them that you don’t possess. Now it’s up to you to compete with them or feel blessed that you have encountered such wonderful people in your lifetime!

I came across the perfect song for this theme, courtesy Lenka. Taking your existence for granted is probably the best bus you’ve missed! Read the lyrics and judge for yourself.

Live Like You’re Dying
One of these days
You’ll be, under the covers
You’ll be under the table and you’ll realize

That all of your days are numbered
All of them one to one hundred
All of them millions
All of them trillions

So what are you gonna do with them all?
You cannot trade them in for more, no no…

Take every moment; you know that you own them

Gimme a reason
To fight the feeling
That there’s nothing here for me

‘Cause none of its easy
I know it wasn’t meant to be
I know it’s all up to me
It’s all up to me

So what am I gonna do with my time, oh…

Take every moment; you know that you own them
It’s all up to you to do whatever you choose

Live like you’re dying and never stop trying
It’s all you can do
Use what’s been given to you

All of the moments you didn’t notice
Gone in the blink of an eye
And all of the feelings you can’t help feeling
No matter how you try…

It’s all you can do
Use what’s been given to you…

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  1. Ravi Salian says:

    Hats off to the person who lead his/her life after a major downfall!!! but you know what kamakshi life always give you mental fortitude to handle the situation… I know few people with very misfortune and had tasted tragedy in a very different manner…. but they still survive and that too with good manners and ability……

    but I think they should be rewarded for their courage !!!! hai na.. We listen to them and get scared but each and every people has that strenght at the time of annihilation.

    So never get afraid of the situation that may come in front, just proceed with good and true Karmic liveliness ! bus ! the scenario will automatically get adapted.


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