The Science of Fun

To enjoy a drink to the fullest, it needs to be served in the right glasses and needs to be paired up with the right kind of foods; food that you think goes well with your drink. When I discovered wine, I also discovered the world of stemmed glasses. Red, white, aged, port, or sparkling;…

Home Cooked Meals

  There is no greater joy than the family sitting down for a meal together after a long day at work. My mother was a working woman, much like me, and none of us would break bread until everyone made it to the dinner table. She cooks because she can fix up a delicious meal;…

What Time Is It?

Is it tea o’clock, beer o’clock, or wine o’clock? Whatever you prefer, make sure you keep yourself happy, healthy, satiated and sane.  

Older, Wiser, Stronger

The first few days of the year often take me on the road to memory lane, it is my time to look back and be grateful. I turned 33 in 2017, and it was a year of new beginnings. As I reminisce, I seem to be stuck on this one picture taken on my birthday….