Starting Off

I am not a foodie, but I people around me sure know where to eat and what to eat. This is one of our favorite places, called Oven Fresh mainly because it is fully vegetarian and offers some of the best pastries around. What you see here is a plate of Nachos. I loved the…

Starting Off On A Good Note

While we were quite used to certain kind of filler foods till our actual meals appeared, we tried something different for  my mother birthday bash this year. Called as papad rolls, these are raw poppadums stuffed with veggetable filling which is then I think shallow fried. It is served with a salad with a spicy dressing….


Good food and great company can make an evening quite memorable. This is the food part of one such fun-filled times. Well, its potato chips, cheese dip and a generous sprinkling of cottage cheese, but you won’t hear me complaining!