Colors Of Winters

In winters, you get to savor some amazing fruits like grapes and strawberries. Once on a platter, the lively colors make you want to eat them all without pausing!


The Kala Ghoda Art Festival wasn’t as spectacular as I imagined it to be. But then again, it wasn’t completely a waste of time either. This calm Buddha was suspended by wires, although you can’t see that, making it seem like it is floating in thin air. What do you think?

The Ghost Rider

This fair really amazed me, considering that it was on a very small-scale, the rides were made quite attractive. This was purely a ride for kids and the bikes created for this round-robin ride was really pretty to look at. Well, times are surely changing, and even the kids know what’s in vogue these days!

Silent Sundays: Smoking Kills

Time for another Silent Sunday! Every week, I’ll put up a picture that would ask you, my dear visitor, to give me a perspective instead. Feel free to drop in a line about the picture. Wish you a great new week ahead!

From The Horse’s Mouth

Have you read the 1962 novel by Ray Bradbury called Something Wicked This Way Comes? Well, the carousel didn’t seem so magical after that now, did it? May be that’s why this one seems done and dusted, waiting for another Jim and Will to start the story all over again!

Dragon Led

I went to a kiddie’s fair recently, and I relived so many childhood memories. This was a roller-coaster led by a dragon styled coach. It looked cute, but surely did seem too safe to ride on.

MJ’s Duplicate

We met this gentleman, when we were ringing in the New Year with a quiet dinner at a restaurant. The talented musician played some soothing country ballads to set the mood right. His sense of humor was awesome too as he referred to himself as a Micheal Jackson lookalike! He was camera-shy though hiding behind his…

Like A Rose

My dad turns 65 today, he is one of the few people who was born in pre-independent India (he was born in Feb 1947, India attained independence in August 1947). Even though he is not with us in flesh and blood, it doesn’t mean I love him any less. He will live forever in my…

Incense Filled

This is my first attempt with smoke photography. Do let me know what you think about it. It took me quite a while to get it right, but I would certainly want to try more of this trick in the future.

Puppy Love

Pugs have become a rage in the country, because a popular telecom operator has used the little dog quite extensively in their advertising campaign. I don’t find them cute at all, in fact the basset hound, Droopy is a lot cuter I say!