Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing 2

OK, I know what you are thinking, I am repeating myself in the theme again, but no I am not. Not technically at least. This is an aerated  Indian style refreshment. It’s actually lemonade made from soda and Jaljeera power (it’s a tangy concoction of spices that aids digestion). Although its monsoon here now, the…

Preparing For The Summers

While I don’t indulge in any spirits or hard drinks of any sort, a bit of cola with a dash of lemon, is always a welcome drink as the summer heat scorches us up. Summers in a country like India can get a bit too hot to handle.

Liven up the Decor

Another interesting was to decorate a place specializing in Italian cuisine. I guess that’s how you tie up a the ingredients and ambiance to make it snazzy!

Lighten Up the Room

It’s fascinating to see what a bit of light can do to any room. On one of our lazy Sunday cravings, we ended up having dinner at a Pizza Hut joint. These lights were hung right above our seating area. It beautifully highlighted the decor of an otherwise dimly lit room.