The Class Of The Army and Navy

The Army and Navy building is located just next to the Davis Sassoon Library. The stunning heritage building, like every other heritage building is now no longer what it used to be. The elegant building is now house to popular retail store Westside. Whatever said and done, the structure remains just as magnificent as it…

Strawberries with a twist!

  Mahabaleshwar is known as a land of strawberries, and we were about to savour the best and freshest of the produce. These two scoops of ice-cream are hand-churned with fresh strawberries, laced with strawberry sauce and finished with freshly cut strawberry pieces. All this at a low, low price of Rs. 35! Don’t know…

Needle-eye Point

This is actually a view of the Kate’s Point from the other end, and is also known as the Elphinstone Point. Although the hole is reminiscent on looking the eye of a needle, but on the whole the point looks like an elephant’s head, with Kate’s point set on the back of the elephant.


Mahabaleshwar is one of those few hill stations which can spots motorable roads, but to access specific points you need to trek a little.  Although we are not really the trekking kinds, even the pit-stops are offer stunning views!


The highlight of Mahabaleshwar is the Parsi Point. It offers the most breathtaking view of the Krishna Valley. The point is so named as it is said to be a favourite with the Parsi community. Foggy or not, make sure to stop over at the point when you are on your way to Panchgani.

Dhoom Dam

Dhoom Dam located around 21kms away from Panchgani and seems to be a big hit with Bollywood, as many major feature films were shot here (including Swades, We the People, 2004). The dam is a major bone of contention between Maharashtra and Karnataka as the dam is built over the Krishna River; both states want it…

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat is set about 1470 m above the sea level and gets its name from British actor, Arthur Malet. Apart from the views of the River Savitri and the Jor Valley, any object, (other than a living being) tossed inside the valley tends to float in the air. However this theory no longer holds water…