Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

I love these dew-kissed bell-shaped flowers. However, I took these post a mild shower. They bloom early in the morning and tend to fold in their petals at night fall. And they wake up again with day break for as long as they live. Quite an intriguing life, so much like ours!

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

There are several tunnels on the route that leads to Lonavala, a monsoon paradise in Maharashtra. Indeed there is light at the other end, and knowing that the ride becomes less scary!

Karla Caves

Karla Caves is situated 11 km from Lonavla in a place called Karli. A Buddhist monastery in the 2nd century BC, the cave has been extensively damaged and is now under a restoration program with the Indian Archeological Society. The original living place of the monks is now occupied by a goddess Ekaveera temple.

Kune Waterfalls

The Kune Waterfalls is said to be the 14th highest in India. Located near Pune city, the waterfall comes to live during rains. Seen from the Rajmachi Garden at Lonavala, the beautiful falls was where the famous song from the film Sarfarosh was shot.

Sit in Peace!

The monsoon special hill station closest to Mumbai city gets it name Lonavala  from the Prakrit language, which basically means a series of resting places etched from stone. The place springs to life during the monsoons and offers some spectacular sunrise, (even when fog hit). Folklore also says that Lonavala is derived from the Sanskrit word…