What to Eat?

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. ~Mark Twain

The Love of Food

Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat. ~Guy Fieri

Bucket List for The Day

A Chef Must: Think like a scientist Organize like an accountant Inspire & motivate like a warrior Move like a track star Plate like an artist and Cook like a grandma. ~Anonymous

Old or New?

My grandmother lived a life filled with kinetic energy: either there was no power to run kitchen appliances, there were no appliances or she was just very frugal when it came to using resources. My mother had best of both worlds. She’s toiled as a young land and earned enough to live a life of…


A cluttered kitchen is a happy kitchen. ~Italian Proverb

The Spice Rack

Once you get a spice in your home, you have it forever. Women never throw out spices. The Egyptians were buried with their spices. I know which one I’m taking with me when I go. ~Erma Bombeck

Inside Out

While succulents are great indoor plants, they make for the perfect sizes for dioramas. They’re also the perfect in thickness. As you can see, these are fake. I didn’t want just a perfect kitchen… a home is a home because of what it holds for us, inside out!

What’s In Your Fridge?

My mini fridge is courtesy Easy DIY Miniatures. I was very keen to have a few modern equipment, but the ones I found at my Tulshi Baug tour in Pune city left me slightly discouraged. When I found the YouTube channel though, I had a eureka moment of sorts. I am absolutely stoked with the…

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart. ~Wolfgang Puck, Australian Chef

Home Cooked Meals

  There is no greater joy than the family sitting down for a meal together after a long day at work. My mother was a working woman, much like me, and none of us would break bread until everyone made it to the dinner table. She cooks because she can fix up a delicious meal;…