On A High Horse

What good is talking about the Kala Ghoda Festival without any horsing around? Well, this isn’t the symbolic painting after which the street is named, nor is it the Black Horse that stands for the iconic festival. This one seemed more like a the one straight out of a chess set, with a lot of…

More Crow Art

More from the installation on crows that I spoke about yesterday. Hope you enjoy this one too!

Crow Art

While I have seen this scene with real crows too, this installation at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival was amazingly well recreated! It surely made me and my camera glad. What do you think? Did you realise this was fake too?


The Kala Ghoda Art Festival wasn’t as spectacular as I imagined it to be. But then again, it wasn’t completely a waste of time either. This calm Buddha was suspended by wires, although you can’t see that, making it seem like it is floating in thin air. What do you think?

Abundance of Heritage

The abundant heritage structures run thick throughout Churchgate. Just beyond the Sassoon Library and the Army and Navy building, is the Life Insurance Corporation of India’s building. It also overlooks the Flora Fountain and the Amar-Jyoti-Jawan memorial (You can see a back view of these two statues). Makes for a good view even from the back, dosn’t…

The Class Of The Army and Navy

The Army and Navy building is located just next to the Davis Sassoon Library. The stunning heritage building, like every other heritage building is now no longer what it used to be. The elegant building is now house to popular retail store Westside. Whatever said and done, the structure remains just as magnificent as it…

The Reading Room

One of the oldest reading libraries in the city is The David Sassoon Library. The heritage structure was built by Albert Sassoon, and is named after his father Baghdadi Jewish philanthropist, David Sassoon. The building designed by architects J. Campbell and G. E. Gosling, for the Scott McClelland and Company, the structure is created using yellow Malad stone, with…