“A man without a sweet tooth is not to be trusted.”  ~ Kristen Painter, The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride

Merci Beaucoup!

OK more chocolate posts! I mean this does show that I can show more restrain and take pictures of a box full of chocolates for happy memories, than go straight for the kill! And yes, I did attack the box but demolishing only one chocolate yet. I am just trying to see how much i…

Sweet Cravings

While I don’t really fancy a lot of sweets, but chocolates I simply can’t resist. This is the best Dutch Truffle we get around my office, and I don’t know why but I am craving to have a pastry today. Being a Sunday…

Happy Rocks!

One of my friends discovered these rock candies at a local store during a lunch break. And no they were not at all like rocks; they made for the perfect post lunch desserts. I love happy food (read chocolate) in any form!