Krishna’s Dilemma

Karna and Arjuna, the battle between two half brothers is a focal point in the Kurukshtra war. Both were master archers. Karna was the son of Surya (Sun God) and Arjuna was the son of Indra (Rain God). There were many instances when they both faced similar circumstances. Both competed for Draupadi’s hand. Both also…

Up In The Air

Temples in India are just not ornate, they are intricately carved from end to end, from the entrance to the sanctum; even the ceilings. I read somewhere, temples in India don’t just speak; they sing… and how!

Vishnu-Sahasranāma Stotram

603. om anivartine namaḥ Salutations to him who does not reject those who are inclined to return to the material world. 604. om nivrttātmane namaḥ Salutations to the self of the spiritual practitioners who are attached to the path of Liberation. 605. om saṃkṣeptre namaḥ Salutations to the limiter of the field of light for…

Love Ain’t Easy

This classic sculpture of Shiva and Parvathi shows us how love is hard work. As the Lord lifts his wife to life and love, he’s struggling to keep his balance and breath. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

The Onam Story

King Bali (Mahabali) was born to Devamba. The asura king was trained by was mentored by his grandfather, Prahlada and eventually succeeded him to the throne. As an asura king, Mahabali was revered for his morality and administrative prowess. He was known to be the most generous kings alive. Being overtly ambitious, he wanted to…

Meaning of GOD

So during my recent trip to Halibeedu, I had the good fortune to meet with a wonderful guide, Uma, who helped us decode the mystery of the ruined temple of the Hoysala dynasty. She told us, pointing at this statue, that this the Hindu meaning if the the word GOD: the Generator or creator (lord…

Makara, The Hoysala Mascot

Makara is a mythical animal, which was the mascot of the Hoysala dynasty and is featured prominently across all Hoysala temples. The animal has the mouth of a crocodile, ears of a cow, eyes of a monkey, body of a pig, feet of a lion and tail of a peacock.

Pillar In The Temple of God

To be a pillar in the temple of god signifies devotion, acceptance, stability of your beliefs. It also means to strengthen one’s resolve, bear the consequences of their own actions, and in turn be a support for others.

Rama’s Dilemma

The story of Rama Killing Vali, Sugreeva’s brother is quite a famous moral dilemma. This gorgeous sculpture explains how Rama devised a plan to kill the Monkey king, who was invincible, from behind seven palm trees. Vali had a boon that he couldn’t be killed directly, and hence wrecked havoc. On a request from Vali’s…

Chakraveyu Ka Chakkar

The chakraveyu or human maze was a very difficult war strategy to crack. It is believed that Arjun was one of the few men who could enter the maze and exit it alive. He explained the same to his wife Subhadra who was then carrying his son Abhimanu . But as Abhimanyu was listening intently…