Lock Down Baking

I like cooking, but I don’t find the activity therapeutic or spiritual. There was a time I would bake a lot of nankhaties (Indian shortbread cookies) in my mother’s microwave, but that phase faded when college ended. A lot of life happened, and cooking eventually became a burden. I did start cooking again when I…

Choco Art

OK I know many of you are drooling over the yummy pastries at the edge of the picture. Don’t worry, I will be putting up more nuggets later this week. But that chocolate tower made me smile. After all, chocolate is my happy food!

Silent Sundays: Food Art

Time for another Silent Sunday! Every week, I’ll put up a picture that would ask you, my dear visitor, to give me a perspective instead. Feel free to drop in a line about the picture. Wish you a great new week ahead!

Liven up the Decor

Another interesting was to decorate a place specializing in Italian cuisine. I guess that’s how you tie up a the ingredients and ambiance to make it snazzy!