A Lesuirely Nap Or A Deep Slumber?

A yawn is the most natural, and purest expression on any face. Its the the sign of a productive and hard day’s efforts earned and a rest that was well deserved. I don’t really know whether she enjoyed her day, but I am sure she slept well, and had fun in her doggy dreams!

One Mooo for the Golf Track!

This cute cow is actually a tiny fridge magnet which has travelled the seven seas (read Norway) to grace my refrigerator.

Slow, But Steady!

As I continue experiments with my new camera, here is a picture of a turtle I received as a gift. Here’s a bit of trivia about this artefact. The tortoise, a symbol of longevity, it is said to be one of the protectors in Feng Shui. Best placed in the North of any property, it is…

Say Mooo!

This is one of the first pictures that I captured with my new camera. This mug shot of a Cow comes from a Coffee Mug  gift I received at work on account of women’s day last year.