Ready For The Kill

I prefer dogs over cats, but the felines I meet seem to be more camera friendly than my favourite canines. This one was getting rather defensive as he was ready to jump into our side of the building from the neighbouring building wall. Related articles Dog vs. Cat: Are They Really Rivals? (  

My Lost Kitty!

I found my abandoned little friend back, close to where I saw her last. She now lives with the local Dairy owners, and boy has she grown big!

Here Kitty Kitty!

I found this little one sitting alone in the middle of a busy road, just waiting to be trampled over. However, Kitah (as we named her) couldn’t be mine to keep. After spending a day at my place, i had to make the difficult decision to give her up. But she was a natural poser….

About Cats and Dogs

One thing I can safely say is that cats may take longer to befriend you as compared to dogs, but dogs are a lot more camera-shy than cats. In fact while dogs need a lot of cajoling and coaxing, cats patiently pose till you set up you camera and fix up all your settings. I should…

The Curious Cat

I am more a of dog person than a cat person but cats do pose better for pictures. If this one has any thing to go by, they also give you pretty expressions. What I like best about this one, is her eyes. She does spot a salt-and-pepper hued fur, but her glorious eyes, make all the difference, don’t…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny 2

Well, she isn’t as tiny as she used to be, but she isn’t all grown up as of yet either.  We call her Milli and she lives just where my husband works, so she helps me kill time as I wait on him. (Now, he joins me for the fun, so I love her more.)…

It’s All Mine!

I found this stunning cat on my way back from lunch to work. Thankfully I was carrying my camera. My experience with animals leads me to the conclusion that cats and cows are more camera friendly than dogs. But this picture is special. She was snacking away and was actually under the impression that I…